Weibo Marketing – How to Use China Social Media Effectively

Weibo Marketing

Weibo has become a powerful marketing tool for companies and brands. Its open format allows users to post links, photos, and GIFS. And besides sharing news, it also allows companies to run surveys to engage their users. Weibo Marketing is not an easy task, so brands must take the advice of an expert. Here are some tips for creating an effective plan. Listed below are some tips for Weibo Marketing.

o Display ads: Weibo offers both static and video advertisements. Display ads are mainly placed on the homepage, search page, and user news feeds. These ads are optimized for mobile devices and will automatically redirect users to the advertiser’s homepage. Weibo’s display advertising costs are dependent on page placement, size, and keyword association. However, unlike many other forms of advertising, Weibo’s targeted approach allows businesses to use this medium to reach their target audience and boost their brand’s reputation.

Microblogging: Weibo is considered China’s version of Twitter. As of 2017, the site had more users than Twitter. The site offers a variety of advertising options including microblogging and live streams. Paid advertising is also available. But to reach the audience you must first learn how to properly utilize Weibo. There are many benefits to Weibo marketing, and the following tips will help you get started.

A: Publish quality content regularly and consistently. Weibo is a valuable marketing tool that can generate outstanding results when used effectively. A well-written Weibo post can help you drive traffic from other channels, including Wechat. Weibo’s extensive targeting features make it a cost-effective alternative compared to other marketing options. Weibo can also help you reach a wide audience – as it has more than 500 million users.

Take advantage of Weibo’s popularity. Several Chinese women have taken selfies with a pile of coins on their collarbones. Some have managed to balance twenty coins while others are able to balance up to 80! One Chinese actress, Lu Jiarong, had a row of 80 coins on her collarbone. While most of us can’t balance 80 coins, she managed to do it in less than two seconds!

Weibo is also useful for gathering entertainment information. With 170 million users in China, Weibo is a great platform for brand communication. A loyal audience means greater ease of selling. So, make sure your business’s Weibo page is filled with useful information. For a better Weibo marketing strategy, follow these tips: