Using Wechat As Your Official Account to Drive Traffic

Before Wechat Marketing can start, you must open a Wechat Mini-Program or MSP. When your account is ready, you can use it to promote your business, create content and increase your following. To find an MSP, click here

WeChat Marketing

As Chinese market is different from the Western market, Wechat Marketing is not easy. You can find the best strategy in Wechat Marketing by finding the best marketing program and follow it. If you do not have enough time to be with your business and follow all the marketing tips from the internet, you can follow the strategy of Wechat Mini-Program, which will help you promote your business fast and stable.

In Wechat Mini-Program, you can promote your website without the promotion of your products. The marketing strategy is based on friendship and reputation system. If you have good content in your account, you can invite your friends to join your account and also can give gifts to your friends. When your friends will accept to be your follower, you can add them in your list of friends in chat. After that, your followers will see your content and will be able to access your application, and when they will buy some products from the website, you will be able to pay using wechat wallet.

Mini-Program can help you drive traffic to your account. It uses friendship and reputation system, so you can ask your friends to add you to their list, when they will like your content, and they can add you to their list. They will give you key opinion, so you can use it in marketing. When they will like your content, they will provide you with a good rating, so you can rank high on search engine.

You can also advertise by using QR codes. You can create mini-app with app store. When your users will open the app, they will be able to see your content, and you can use QR codes in app name, URL and description field. So, your users will know where to find your content and they can access easily. And when they buy some products, you will be able to pay using wechat wallet or credit card.

In the Chinese market, many businessmen are attracted to WeChat Marketing because of its speed, compatibility and free features. People from all over the world will be attracted to the marketing strategy because the marketing strategy is based on friendship and relationship. In traditional marketing, you need to purchase a lot of advertisements, but We Chat Marketing can bring fast advertising. For this reason, many businessmen will use We Chat Marketing in their business. Businesses will need to register We Chat Business, and after registration, you can start marketing in We Chat Market, and you can attract more people to join your We Chat Business.