What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbot Marketing

What is Chatbot Marketing?

Chatbot Marketing is a method to sell online products and services employing a chatbot a computer program which carries out conversations with online users either by the use of AI or by a pre-defined scenario. With this new marketing tool, you will be able to get maximum benefit from your interactive marketing campaign. Today, more organizations are using chatbot to engage their customers. These programs allow organizations to run campaigns without having to create individual websites. The biggest advantage that chatbot marketing provides is the fast implementation time, flexibility and the overall cost effectiveness.

There are many advantages that are provided by a chatbot. For instance, you can track the responses to your promotional messages through a click tracker. The chat bots can also help with customer service call center operations. It is not easy to hire and train new customer service agents. This process becomes a lot easier with the aid of chatbots.

Another significant advantage of chatbots is that it enables you to interact with your prospects as they talk with you. This will help you get a clear picture about what your prospect wants from you. Chat Bots can help you understand if your prospect is simply talking about the features of your product or is he talking about the potential benefits of the product. Another great advantage is that people know when they have been engaged with a conversation with a bot as they start getting responses that match the topic of the bot.

Chat Bots are ideal for customer service tasks such as helping customers locate the contact information of a business associate, help desk tickets and help desk email confirmations etc. There are many different kinds of chat Bots available on the Internet. You can purchase any of them according to your needs. However, here are some tips that will help you choose a good Chat Bot:

First, check if the bot is capable of real-time or short-time conversation. Short-time conversations are more suited for use in marketing because they are less expensive than long-time conversations. Real-time chatbot solutions are able to detect the IP address of each person who joins the conversation. This helps them to track who has joined the conversation and how many people are interested in the conversation.

Chat Bots are also excellent for selling your product as you can easily measure the response rate and conversion rate and even get access to the customer base. Chat Bots are designed to handle multiple conversations at the same time. Therefore, a single conversation does not go stale if there are numerous other users in the same platform. In fact, it will even help you promote your product in the social media sites as well! Chat Bots are conversational interface programs that enable businesses and individuals to engage in real-time interactive communication with other online users located all over the world. The chat Bot offers instant responses to user questions, provides users with instant answers to their questions, and allows them to leave their comments and share news with other users.