How to Use Social Media Marketing to Explode Your Small Business

Social media marketing (SMM) is all about creating content for your target audience that is highly targeted to each individual social network so that you gain maximum user interaction and engagement. You need to think about how you want to engage users on each of these platforms. Will you create engaging videos, a series of vlogs, or will you focus on building relationships through Facebook Connect, LinkedIn, and twitter. Ultimately your strategy will be shaped by what your goals are as well as what type of business you are running. So what are some good ideas for SMM strategy for small business?

Social Media Marketing

YouTube and Live-streaming: We have all seen YouTube before. It is an incredibly popular video sharing site where millions of people post their favorite clips, reactions, and other information about whatever they’re watching. But did you know that it’s also a great place to promote your product or small business? By posting a video you can reach a huge audience almost overnight with relatively little effort.

The concept of live-streaming is quite simple. Basically if you are using YouTube then you would go to the live-streaming section and start posting your YouTube videos. Each time someone watches your video, they will then be able to watch it again (with you playing the video). In order to receive the most benefit from this form of SMM strategy, it’s important that the content you choose to share online is highly relevant and engaging to your audience. Of course this is all done within the confines of YouTube and it’s not as easy as it sounds.

When you use live-streaming to boost your small business online presence, it’s important that you carefully select each of your videos to make sure that they are well crafted, interesting to watch, and of high quality. It is best not to cram so many videos into one small article, because it can look unappealing and even a bit cluttered and chaotic. So pick one or two quality clips to start off with and then gradually increase the number of videos you are streaming.

The most effective live-streaming strategy is to first set up your YouTube channel live and then make a series of different types of short videos about what you can offer your viewers. Perhaps you can talk about how your company came to be or just talk about your product or services in general. Once you have these videos ready to go you need to get as many people as possible to watch them. This is done by creating links to your YouTube videos throughout your website or even on your email signature.

One thing I love about live-streaming is that it’s incredibly easy for anyone to embed videos on their own website. I personally don’t use this method much because I tend to use video site MySpace and they limit how much you can embed so its always a bit of a pain to embed a video on your site. The great thing is that there are sites such as tiny URL that enable you to easily embed a video on a website or blog without any problems at all. As well as this, you can also make money through video sharing sites by making small advertisements within your live-streaming videos. If you are trying to grow your small business and you feel that these strategies could help you then I would say give it a go.