ChatBot Marketing: Using Chat Bots in Automotive Marketing

Chatbot Marketing is a new marketing technique which uses sophisticated computer applications to automate human interactions with potential clients and prospects, either online or offline, for the purpose of producing more sales. With this innovative approach, businesses are able to accurately qualify, engage and respond to leads even at all hours and irrespective of whether your sales & marketing team are present or not. With the advent of Facebook, Twitter, and several other social media platforms, the need to engage with your leads has never been so much. This is why experts have come up with Chatbot applications which have the ability to do this automatically without the presence of your sales & marketing team.

Chatbot Marketing

As compared to direct marketing methods like telemarketing, cold calling, etc., you get to communicate with people at their convenience. Your sales team can focus on closing a sale instead of having to call up a number of leads. Also, chatbots allow your social media followers to interact with you on a one-to-one basis which is difficult to do otherwise. In addition, this eliminates the chance of miscommunication and possible misunderstanding, something which sometimes happens with direct marketing techniques. Since most people on these social networking sites are friends with each other, this will greatly improve your customer/client relationship.

Apart from qualifying leads, chat bots also help you save money. You do not have to hire a large amount of employees to work on your promotions since chat Bots are programmed to do this automatically. These savings can then be invested in improving your website, increasing traffic, making your advertising campaigns more effective, etc. In fact, some experts suggest that it is possible to save as much as 40% of your advertising budget by using chatbot marketing than traditional forms of direct marketing. Since these messages are short and easy to understand, your customer base will grow much faster. They will also feel more confident about buying from you because you will be able to provide them instant answers to their questions.

Another advantage of using this marketing strategy is that you can instantly respond to any common questions which your customers may ask you. You will not need to send out mass emails or letters hence eliminating wasted mail space. This will make your company appear professional and help build a long term relationship with your customers. The conversation that takes place between the Bot and your customer can be highly informative and even educational.

With the help of a good quality chatbot you can also create an interesting application which can be used for giving out sales leads, tracking website visits, analyzing visitor behavior, etc. It can even provide answers to your customers’ questions. In fact, there are many examples of such popular applications which are now being used by many successful businesses around the world. Some of these include: real time accounting software, online survey software, and market research tools.

In the same way as the other forms of marketing strategies, using chat Bots is also a relatively cheap investment. The main reason behind this factor is the fact that most of the companies that use these chat bots on a regular basis do not have huge start up costs. The biggest expenditure that they have is the purchase of the necessary hardware which is usually low cost. Since most of the companies that use these chat bots are large corporations, they are able to get discounts from the supplier that manufactures the chat bots. Thus, you will get excellent value for money when you use the services of a reputed automotive supplier.