3 Best Social Media Marketing Strategies

Live streaming isn’t an unknown term anymore but how these streams are being framed and presented has slightly changed a great deal. In short, live-streaming is simply another manner to interact with your audience and communicate the brand messaging. With the evolution of this medium, companies can easily utilize it to create online presence, gain more exposure, communicate with prospective clients/customers and increase sales. To put it simply, companies need to find a good balance between broadcasting their live events and trying to monetize them through other means.

Most companies realize that there are three major benefits of using social media video marketing: increasing brand awareness, driving more traffic and gaining a competitive edge. YouTube is a perfect platform to broadcast your live streams for these three major benefits are all interrelated because they all have the potential to drive more visitors to your website. The challenge lies in finding a balance between these. This article will explore some of the best ways to frame your live-streaming videos to benefit you.

YouTube is an excellent place to showcase your social marketing strategy. With this platform you can easily build brand awareness through guest posts, videos, comments, pod casts and more. The best strategy here is to leverage all the available resources to make the most from this highly popular platform. To begin, you should consider guest posting on popular blogs and forums as this will gain you quality back links and increase your visibility in search engine results.

Another very effective strategy for brand engagement and social media marketing is by using Facebook live videos. There are many ways to use facebook live video. First of all, you can setup a fan page where you can gather followers. Then, you can share videos or articles that you have created with this page. Sharing video clips of your products, promotions, sales or whatever you are promoting is very effective as it provides information to your audience about your product.

You can also take advantage of Twitter marketing strategies and Facebook Live marketing. Through these two platforms you can interact with your target audience and drive quality targeted traffic to your website. In Facebook Live marketing you can schedule videos that are viewable only to your followers. On Twitter you can promote any promoted post that you wish to share with everyone. This strategy is highly effective if you have followers who are highly engaged in your niche. They will be the key to success for your social media marketing campaigns.

When it comes to YouTube marketing, make sure you engage your target audience. Your videos should be engaging, interesting and informative at the same time. This will create a good impression and keep your audience glued to your video. With the help of these social media marketing strategies you can get higher rankings and generate more targeted traffic to your website and ultimately increase sales.